Monday, September 17, 2012

Recent Iphone Photos

I don't often upload my iphone photos but I have some great ones from recently that I just had to share... First, this is a pic of Jeff while the boys and I were gone visiting family in Oregon. Some friends invited him over and I heard they played a hilarious new game. He had fun!
I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! I couldn't wait any longer to start decorating. Eeek (that is joy not fear)!!

Our good friends Amber and Travis almost always sit with us at church and Drew is especially "taken" with Travis. Amber took this adorable pic of the two of them on Sunday.
Last week I took Drew on a "date" to the children's museum. We had a great time together!
Jack got all his tool and started fixing the engine in his fire truck.
Jack's class/school put on the cutest Grandparent's Day songs...I still have to email the videos to grandparents (sorry!). Jack is the tallest one in the back row, middle.
This is at our favorite park on our favorite rock!


While we were in Oregon, the boys fell in love with my grandparent's dog, Bella and I must admit, she is the best dog I have EVER seen!!

The boys played and played in my parent's back yard and pond.

Drew dug and dug in the rocks!

Jack wore Poppa's hat...
The boys did soooo well traveling. There was a great play land in the Minneapolis airport and we spend a couple hours of a layover in there.
And ate airport food...yum (not really).
Drew is still obsessed with Super man. Here he is a little Clark Kent.
And of course, Jack's first day of preschool this year. He is LOVING his class and teacher.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rain, Fun, and Pittsburgh

It had been a hot, dry summer here and after weeks with out rain, I decided to let the boys go play in it. It was about 100 out and they loved every moment.
Umbrellas are sooooo fun!

So is splashing in puddles!
We have passes to our children's museum that is very close and the boys have a few favorite places, like this truck. Jack loves to change the tires while Drew drives.

Then we head over for some pizza making in the pizza place.
Jack likes to drive the delivery truck.

Drew made a lot of pizzas this particular day.
We always spend a lot of time with the garbage truck. It is probably both their favorite thing.
At the end of July we met my parents in Pittsburgh. My dad was giving a medical conference and Jeff wanted to attend so we went to be with them. My mom, the boys and I hung out while they were gone.
We did get to visit the Carnegie Science Center. Everyone's favorite part was touring the real submarine. I think I finally convinced Jeff to grow his hair back out ;)
This is a view of the city from the top of the sub.

Too bad I couldn't crop out Jeff and Jack...ha ha. This is such a cute picture of my dad and Drew. We had a lot of fun being together and I am really excited about going home for a visit with the boys in a couple week (poor Jeff has to stay and work).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More fun

Its been beautiful so I took the boys out for a little photo shoot against our brick house. I just love how they turned out.
Today we had so much (hot!) fun. We went to the Butterfly gardens with friends and it was really neat to see all the native butterflies.
Loved this one of Jack!
Adorable brothers!
Last week we went to the airshow (amazingly fun for all but Drew...he had more fun playing in the dirt).
Jack fell in love with the blue angels!

Drew liked the cold water.
I cut all of Drew's curls off and almost cried. But he looks so big and old now.
This monarch didn't move while I took its picture. I was literally about an inch from it.
The kids loved learning about the butterflies.

Thanks for a fun day!!!